Bianca And Stephanie Ware Being Stalked By Actors Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki | 

Bianca And Stephanie Ware Being Stalked By Spn Actors

Bianca And Stephanie Ware Being Stalked By Actors Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki

Just when we thought the actors insanity went away,it's started to increase. Everyone is wondering about when will it come to an end. It doesn't seem like it'll ever stop atleast not when it comes to the creepy actors from the spn series,because they're still on the rampage to stalk and slander the names of Bianca and Stephanie Ware , not just that , now they've went as far as slandering the new business that the Ware girls have opened up recently.Saying all kinds of untrue inappropriate content about them and their business. They even began to stalk every search engine site that advertises their cleaning service business called Bianca and Stephanie cleaning services,commenting on the review section of their business,making up more obscene untrue statements about them. Previously the wares' have filed a restraining order against the actors Jensen Ackles,34, and Jared Padalecki,31, confirming that both actors have been stalking,harassing and slandering their names all over the internet. Immediately, after the news broke into the media and hit spn blogs,everyone assumed that maybe the actors' delusional obsession over the wares' would stop. Fans are coming to the conclusion on thinking maybe the actors are bitter about something ,lots of them also say that Ackles is bitter because Ware ,43, left him for some former professional baseball player that played for the negro league ,which her daughter ,23,  confirmed that her mother did leave him and is currently dating Arthur Hamilton,78, (Negro League baseball legend) and according to her daughter,her mother is in a very happy place in her life with him (Hamilton) .

Here's a copy of the restraining order that was filed by Bianca Ware that is listed is one of many advertising sites that both Ackles,34, and Padalecki,31, has invaded in which they have written fake reviews bashing the Wares' company and according to the Wares' they are not customers and that their company isn't servicing them.

Below here is what the actors have posted on Bianca and Stephanie Ware's business profile and review page ,in which they have attacked the Ware's business profile page posting under different aliases,pretending to be yelp users.
11/25/2013Your Twitter account makes me leery of hiring your services. Is that really your business Twitter?
Review from John L.

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Review from Kale D.

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Kale D.
Massillon, OH

11/25/2013 First to Review
The owners of this company are nothing but trash. They are Stephanie and Bianca Ware who have been lying about themselves for the past ten years. It started with Stephanie appearing on message boards for a then WB now CW show called Supernatural, and saying that she was the wife of Jensen Ackles. Searching either of there names bring up a plethora of information on what they did on the internet in the past. They can't be trusted because they're liars. This is a link that accumulated the story and information so far… . any more information on their past can very easily be looked up. At the very least, what the co owner, Bianca Ware, is saying on twitter shows how unprofessional and crude she is and that she should not be trusted with cleaning homes.…

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