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Super hero -  Brad Pitt has walked out of Universal Pictures drama 'State of Play' The actor made his decision final on Wednesday, Nov 21, following two weeks of struggle and meetings with director Kevin Macdonald.

The talks prevented the movie from making its original November 15 production start date.

Universal considers Pitt to have walked out of a pay or play commitment and is leaving open the option to sue the actor if it cannot recast his role in time to keep the other actors in place.

Brad Pitt's camp however disputes that he violated such a deal or that he ever approved a final script.

Sources revealed that the actor did not want to drop out of the movie, of which he has been the driving force for 16 months, reports Variety.

They say that the reason he opted out of the movie was because of the final direction of the shooting script. The initial script had been penned by Matthew Michael Carnahan, who adapted the Paul Abbott-created British miniseries, but then changed hands several times, from Peter Morgan, Tony Gilroy and Billy Ray, and Pitt deemed that his vision had been lost in the re-write. 

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