Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is Gossip Craze all about?

Gossip Craze is a FREE Web 2.0 open site that allows you to control the settings and categories of your gossip ad. The site allows you to place gossip, news, secrets, or celebrity photos, then choose categories for your gossip ad. Eventually, your gossip should appear on top search sites, like google, yahoo, msn etc.

As people place and share gossip, you'll be able to discover what other people are interested in and start having fun, sharing items with your friends and colleagues.

2. So how do I add some gossip ?

Easy ! To add a new item, just add it from the homepage or within a category page. Click the “Add your own gossip” Button

3. I want to update the description / add another item image / add another item category

Descriptions, images and additional categories can be added/edited using the controls on the description page. You'll need to be a member to manage these options.

To update a description, hit the "edit description" link. The item description will become an editable text field. Formating instructions will also be shown.

To add images, just hit the "manage images" link.

To add another item category, just hit the "manage category" link. You can add extra categories in case you feel the item can span across several categories. i.e. a ‘Paris Hilton' could be ‘Paris' or ‘Hilton’ or ’Women Celebrities” etc.Once you have created a category, this will be available for other members to add items to.

4. How do I update my profile?

You can update your details or profile image from your Profile page or Member’s Log in page. Just hit the "edit profile" link.

5. Do you have RSS subscriptions?

RSS feeds are available for multiple areas of our website:

General feed from the homepage:This lists the latest "ads" that have been added to Gossip Craze.

Category feed:This will give you the latest additions to an ad category. Just hit the RSS link from the category listing that you want to to keep track of.

Profile feed:Want to keep an eye on someone's list? Well, subscribe to their feed from the Profile page.

6. I want to report a bug/problem/abuse

Contact us, please.

7. How do we make money ?

We may choose to run sponsors’ ads, affiliate ads, or partner with other companies. If you are interested in advertising or investing, please contact us.

8. I want to make a website like this ?

Great, we are looking for potential partners. Please contact us. If you have any questions or ideas then feel free to ask us first,  we like to be people friendly and welcome entrepreneurial ideas and suggestions. Please don’t spend your time trying to duplicate the site - contact us with your suggestion and we may partner with you.

9. My question hasn’t been answered here and I want an answer ?

No problems! Please, contact us anytime with any question, concern, idea or suggestion. Anything at all. Please, be patient for responses as we are dealing with a number of new ideas and have a delay in responding to all requests.

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